family photos

My good friend Stacey took our famiy photos and I just got them in the mail. I spent the morning hanging them on the wall. After many bad words and lots of spackle.....(Maybe Matt is right when he tells me I should use a level and a tape measure instead of just eyeballing it??) I got them all up. It makes me happy to look at them. Thanks so much to Stac for photographing our family that day. You are so talented at what you do.


  1. Wow, you are so motivated to have them up already, they look so lovely on your walls. Thanks for the nice words, too. You guys were a joy to photograph!!!

  2. Just perfect.... That is all I can say. Great job Stacey....
    BEAUTIFUL FAMILY!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Lovely placement on the walls. Beautiful family. Great photography, Stacey!


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