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Colorado Vacation

We spent a few days in Colorado and it was a highlight of the summer for all of us.  Rachel worked as an orientation leader at NMSU all summer and had very little flexibility for vacations so we thought we were not going to be able to take one with her...we purposely kept our plans fluid just in case she could join us at any time and luckily, she surprised us at the last minute and we were able to make it happen that all 5 of us could go together.  I am so thankful that she made that work...I LOVE having us all together in one place.  Hannah and Emma both had friends who moved to the Denver area this year so we used it as an excuse to visit and do some hiking so that they could see their friends.  We stayed in Breckenridge for a couple of days and then in Boulder, where it was just Rachel and us while Hannah and Emma both spent the night at their friends house.  The whole trip was so much fun!  We love hiking in Colorado and the weather was perfect.  Rain only happened in the late aft…

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